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Illegal Pete’s Artist of the Week – Bonnie and the Beard

Bonnie and the Beard possess a sound that is both sweet and sultry yet still raw and rawkus. Combining a bit of delta blues with indie-rock sensibilities, Megan Fong (Bonnie) and Tony LoVerde (The Beard) sing about the struggle of human existence with the pipes to knock the dust off the highest rafters of any smoky bar. The band is currently in the midst of their Illegal Pete’s tour which will wrap up at our DU location on Friday the 15th with special guest Eric Halborg of the Swayback. Check out more info on Bonnie and the Beard at

See Bonnie and the Beard and Eric Halborg (of the Swayback) on Friday, July 15th at the DU Illegal Pete’s RSVP Here

Illegal Pete’s Band of the Week - Bonnie and the Beard by IllegalPetes